Automated Directories

We believe no one is better at taking in data and producing a directory in an automated fashion than we are. We consume data in a wide variety of formats (and quality) and produce flawless directories in the form of press-ready PDFs.

Automated Catalogs

We are pushing the boundaries of what can be produced algorithmically. At one time, catalogs required manual work on every single page. We are pioneering new ways to automate the production of beautiful catalogs, saving significant time and money.

Data Cleansing

The secret sauce in much of what we do is our ability to cleanse and scrub data in a variety of formats and with a variety of “challenges”. Through the use of our home-grown toolset we’re able to seamlessly correct a multitude of issues.

Database Development

While the majority of our work is with the print industry, a portion of our top talent is exclusively focused on web-facing database work. We are regularly brought in to consult, design, and implement solutions using MS SQl Server.

Database Administration

All database servers require some level of babysitting. Paying a full-time DBA to be on staff for the occasional issue is not cost-effective. Our team is available to learn your SQL Server system, check on it regularly, and step in only when needed.

Database Tuning

We derive great satisfaction from making processes and applications more efficient. We genuinely enjoy tweaking out on query plans, algorithms, and database optimization. Often we’re able to improve bottlenecks by orders of magnitude where others have been stuck.